Monday, December 10, 2012

Search engines Photos in the past offered a good “search simply by size” solution that will help you find pictures simply by their own precise dimension (or resolution).
 For instance, you could limit your search for Nature Wallpapers photographs to image files that were at least 10 Megapixels in size. Or, if you are were using Google Image search to find wallpapers for the desktop, you could specify the image resolution as 1024×768 pixels and Google would only return large images with those exact dimensions.
The exact size search option is missing in the new Google Images but you can still limit your searches to a particular size by using the imagesize search operator in the query itself
Enter the search terms as before and then add IMAGESIZE:WIDTHxHEIGHT to the query. Once you hit Enter, Google Images will remove the operator from the query but the results will only display images that match the specified size.
The search by size operators works in  mobile also.


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