Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recently, YouTube has gained much popularity. YouTube provides videos to watch online pertaining to different categories. Users can enjoy these videos without downloading them to computer. If you want to download any youtube videos you can read our earlier post  Download YouTube videos by Youtube Downloader .So YouTube serves as a good source of informative videos.
Sometime, You are writing a blog post on your blog about a topic which needs to insert any youtube vidmsdeo in it. which is necessary  for providing essential information to readers.  So we will discuss here different and easy ways to add youtube videos in blogger blog posts in simple steps as given below : -

Steps to add YouTube videos to Blogger blog posts.

Luckily if your are using blogger new interface, then there is and easy way to add youtube videos to blog post directly.
  • Go to blogger >> New Post
  • You will see and option to add videos in blog posts as shown in below image.
  • Then you can search videos from YouTube or videos from your youtube account which you want to use in blog post.

But if you are using blogger old interface, you can follow simple steps to insert youtube videos in blog posts.
  • Go to blogger >> New Post
  • Write the content of your post. When you want to add youtube video in blog post. Go to HTML mode in post editor.
  • Now open the required video on YouTube in different tab which you want to add in blog post.
  • Right-click on video. Select the option Copy Embed html
  • Just paste the copied html code above in blog post where you want to insert youtube video.
  • Now check the preview of blog post. You will see youtube video has been inserted in blog post.



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