Thursday, March 21, 2013

There are 2 Ways to Reset the MAC Login Password

  • Without CD
  • With CD 

Reset MAC Login Password Without CD 

Step 1: Restart the Mac System 
         While Restarting hold the keys command + S key, that will  take you             to the single user mode

Step 2: Check the filesystem by typing the command  
                  fsck -fy

Step 3: Mount the ROOT drive as Writable so that changes will save in there
                  mount -uw / 

Step 4:Next we need to remove the applesetupdone command , So type the     command
                  rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

After typing this command type reboot and press enter 

Step 5: After system reboots ,Welcome Wizard Startup screen will appear
           and  create a new user account 

Step 6: Continue on and boot into Mac OS X with this newly created user         account, this new user account is an Administrator and has administrative access

Step 7:Once you login into your new  user account goto system preferences 
and click accounts icon  

Step 8:on the left side user panel, select the user account containing the forgotten password With the user of the forgotten password account selected, click on the “Reset Password” button and enter a new password for that user

Step 9: Reboot the MAC & Work. 

Reset MAC Login Password With CD 

It is an easy Method when compared with Reset Password Without CD

Step 1: Boot from the OS X installer Disc and press the  C key during Boot.

Step 2: Select Language and under the utilities menu click RESET Password.

Step 3: Select the hard disk that the forgotten password is on, then select the username of the forgotten password, you’ll then be asked to select a new password

Step 4:Reboot and login with the New Password


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