Friday, March 22, 2013

In this post i will guide you how to reset the forgotten root password in Redhat / Centos  & Fedora

several methods are available to  reset root password..In here i am using SINGLE USER MODE

Step 1: Boot the system and when you see the following message "Press any key  to enter the menu",press any key. (You will see the list of available kernel versions.)

Step 2:Press e in order to edit commands before booting.

Step 3:Highlight the list item with vmlinuz in it by using the arrow keys and Press e.

Step 4:Now type single or init 1 at the end of the line

Step 5: Then press enter and b to boot the system with the new argument.
             [The system will restart and enter into single user mode]

Step 6: Type setenforce 0 and press enter

Step 7:Type passwd and give the new passwd and again retype the passwd 

Step 8: Type reboot and Login with the new Passwd

Thats it...................... 



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