Monday, April 15, 2013

In this Tutorial I am going to explain How to configure DHCP on cisco router using command line [HYPER Terminal].


DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol , normally used in large networks to provide IP address to the connected devices so that they can communicate in the network.

Usually Routers , Layer 3 switches & Windows ,Linux Servers are used as a DHCP server.

Connect the Physical connections and set the parameters in HYPER Terminal correctly
 The configuration is similar to the nearest model routers eg :2611.

For Configuration follow these steps:

Step 1: If the router is in Privileged EXEC mode type configure terminal otherwise type enable
            eg: cisco2600# configure terminal (or) cisco2600>enable

Step 2: Configure the router with IP address,interface,subnetmask and bring thee interface up

           Command : cisco2600(config)#interface ethernet 0/0

                              cisco2600(config-if)# no shutdown

Step 3: Create DHCP pool

             Command : cisco2600(config-if)# ip dhcp pool loop

Step 4: Give the Network ip address for the pool we created "loop"
             Command : cisco2600(dhcp-config)# network

Step 5: Give the dns server,default routing details to the router
             command : cisco2600(dhcp-config)#dns-server


                               cisco2600(dhcp-config)#lease 10


Step 6: Give the excluded addressand finish the setup

            command : cisco2600(config)#ip dhcp excluded address

                              cisco2600(config)#ip dhcp excluded address 


Step 7: Exit from setup and saving to NVRAM

            Command : cisco2600#write

                               cisco2600#show configuration ( if you need )

Thats it.....................

In this setup i have taken my router ip as,DNS server as with a lease time as 10 minutes



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