Friday, April 19, 2013

In this Tutorial we will see how to install yii framework on ubuntu

Step 1:Download YII Framework package from the link

Step 2:Extract the tar file package and rename the folder as yii .

Step 3: Copy and paste the yii folder to /var/www/ directory.For this copying use this command.
             sudo mv yii /var/www/

Step 4: Create a sample project ,for this  you have to be in /var/www/ directory

Step 5: Create a  folder named as test inside the yii directory and give 777 permission to the folder
             sudo chmod 777 -R test

Step 6: Exit the yii directory by giving cd .. in the terminal....

Step 7: Type the following command php yii/framework/yiic.php webapp /var/www/test/  after typing this command it will start to install.

Step 8:To check it is installed type the link http://localhost/test/

step 9: To enable gii go to the test folder and inside it go to Protected/config/ and edit the main.php file with gedit.

Step 10: In the main.php file uncomment some lines 

In the below images i shown the uncommented lines by arrow mark,so just remove those only

Figure No 3

Figure No 4

 In Figure no 3  remove the commented symbols and in the password type your desired password for login in the yii login page and in Figure no 4 give your db name and db password.

Step 11 :To access gii generator type the link

Step 12 : Type the following Link in Browser 


--> Thats it YII installed ............. Now time to work in YII.



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