Thursday, May 16, 2013

In this tutorial I will tell you how to upgrade the latest version of ubuntu 13.04  from 12.10

Two Methods for upgradation

Method 1: command line (ie.terminal)

Method 2: Update Manager

Depending on your internet speed the updation time varies

Method 1: command line (ie.terminal)

Copy or Type the following commands in the terminal

sudo apt-get update

sudo do-release-upgrade


sudo do -release-upgrade  -d

After finishing the update reboot the system

Method 2 : Update Manager
  • Open update manager by pressing ALT+F2 and type Update Manager
  • First check  for software updates if it’s available install it and after that restart the system
  • Again open update manager and click the Upgrade button.
  • Afte upgradation the system wll ask you to restart the system now.click Restart Now 
  • The System now boot into your Ubuntu 13.04



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