Saturday, June 29, 2013

VSFTPD Stands for Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon.It is the most  commonly used and it is very Secure and Fast.

In Ubuntu FTP servers are not default ly installed.In this Tutorial I will tell you how to install  and configure VSFTPD in Ubuntu 

Step 1: Open Terminal and Login as root user[If you don't know the root password type sudo infront of all commands]
           $ sudo su

Step 2: Install Vsftpd server by typing the following command
           #apt-get install vsftpd

Step 3:After Installation we need to edit the configuration file vsftpd.conf
         #gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf

In the configuration file 3 changes we need to do,disable anonymus enable,and uncomment local enable and write enable

Step 4:Restart the FTP server
          #service vsftpd restart

Step 5: Check FTP server is working or not by FTP client Filezilla 

In Browser type ftp://ip address or ftp://ubudesktop.dcageek.com it will ask for username and password

In terminal type ftp followed by ip address and press enter,it will ask username and password

That's it FTP server Installed and Configured and Working Perfectly.........
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