Friday, June 14, 2013

In My last tutorial I explained how to install yii framework on ubuntu.in this tutorial i will tell you how to install YII Framework on Windows platform

Step 1: Download Latest version of YII Framework from here

Step 2: unzip the tar file and rename it as YII

Step 3: Copy the YII folder and paste it inside xampp

Step 4: Now open your computer properties and in the left side , click ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS system properties will open

Step 5: Click the Environment Variables 

In the System variables tab select the path by scroll down the menu and select it  and click edit and add the contents inside the black box [refer above image] (ie) location of php and location of YII framework we need to give.

IMPORTANT begin with semicolan and end with semicolan

Step 6: Now open command prompt and go inside htdocs folder and type the foloowing command
yiic webapp test

If YII is installed properly means it will ask create a web application under 'C:\xampp\htdocs\test'?
Give yes

It will create application

Thats it YII Framework is installed and application created successfully



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