Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Detailed Features

Fast and Powerful Smart search Smart Search 
  • T9 search for names, organizations, title, phone numbers,websites, any field... 
  • T9 search from Contacts/ Call History / Groups / Favorites
  • Filter search results

Account Management
  • Choose all or one single account in your phone , shows / manage contacts within this account.
  • Duplicate contacts from account to account.
  • Delete contacts from one single account.

  • Large buttons for select, quick and easy dialing. 
  • Support High Quality photos, no blur photos.

Advanced Batch Mode 
  • Send SMS /Email /Assign Ringtone to multiple contacts

Group management
  • Easily managing groups , add/remove item to/from groups.
  • Set Group Ringtone
  • Group SMS, Group MMS, Group Email.
  • Share Group info (vcard included) 
  • Organization Management
  • Easily managing Organizations, add/remove item to/from organization.
  • Set Group Ringtone
  • Group SMS, Group MMS, Group Email.
  • Share Group info (vcard included) .

Title Management
  • Easily managing Titles, add/remove titles from contacts.
  • Batch Mode operations like SMS/Email
  • Events Management
  • View all events / birthdays in one place. 
  • All kinds of sort method.

Amazing Gesture Support
  • Slide to switch between Tabs just like ICS stock dialer 
  • Swipe on dial pad for predefined operations .
  • Swipe on bottom bar icon, right for enable batch mode, left for disable batch mode or clear phone number in dialpad.
  • Swipe on contact item , wipe left for dial ; swipe right for SMS.
  • Handwriting for searching contacts just like in Google Gesture Search App.
  • Handwriting navigation on contact screen, write a character in screen and RocketDial will navigate to the sections with this character.

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