Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HD Widgets includes over 100 beautiful widgets that show current time, current weather, weather forecast, and utility switches. We put a TON of time into designing each widget to look great on every Android screen. 

Recently Added in HD Widgets

  • moar widgets
  • massively vivid easier-to-use app UI
  • WYSIWYG widget previews
  • customizable switches
  • more weather services
  • local date & time in weather screen
  • multi-location weather screen
  • choose weather hotspot link
  • device specific User Guide
  • show/hide widgets in the main menu
  • more switches
  • even more colors & clocks
  • built for new themes & add-ons
  • ICS native (built on sdk 17)

UNIVERSAL app made for tablets and phones! No need to purchase again
HD Widgets are the next generation of widgets - something fun and amazing designed for today's high resolution touch screens.

The best part of HD Widgets is how fun and easy it is to use. Everything in the WYSIWYG app is right at your fingertips. make changes and see the results instantly right on your wallpaper background. You can mix and match various clocks (LED, flip clock, and Honeycomb) with backgrounds, layouts, and other options. Simple!

Widget Features

  • over 100 amazing, beautiful widgets for all device types
  • organized by sizes
  • clock, date, location, weather, forecast, & utility switches
  • LED, flip clock, & Honeycomb clock designs
  • vivid colorful backgrounds
  • large made-for-tablet widgets
  • hot spots for alarm clock, calendar, & weather
  • phone widgets: 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4 (& 5x sizes for the Galaxy Note)
  • tablet widgets: all phone sizes plus 8x1, 8x2, 4x7, 6x1, 6x2, & 3x5
App Features
  • User Guide to help you get started
  • fullscreen weather activity
  • multiple locations and weather services
  • fun & unique WYSIWYG design
  • quick and easy editing
  • widget & theme previews


  • AccuWeather, WeatherBug & Weather Underground
  • 12 / 24 hr clock
  • F / C temperature


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