Monday, November 18, 2013

BleachBit is a famous cleaner program mostly used in Linux operating systems when compared with ccleaner in Windows ,for windows bleachbit also available.It will clean all unwanted data,temporary internet files.

The Latest Version of BleachBit is 1.0

In This Tutorial I will tell you how to install bleachbit 1.0  on Ubuntu 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10 /12.04 and LinuxMint 16 / 15 and DEBIAN

Installation Procedure for UBUNTU 13.10 & LinuxMint 16

Step 1: Login as root user and install 

apt-get update

apt-get install bleachbit

Installation Procedure for UBUNTU 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04 & LinuxMint 15

Step 1: Login as root user 

sudo su

Step 2: Download the corresponding bleachbit package from HERE

Step 3: After downloading Install the package 

dpkg -i  bleachbit_1.0_all_ubuntu1204.deb

Step 4: Open The application

Thats it bleachbit installed successfully......now clean your unwanted files
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